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Launching ScottishPowers game-changing green energy solutions for businesses

Never before have businesses experienced the impact of the environment so directly. As energy prices rise and their carbon footprint is increasingly called into question by customers, a need to consider more sustainable and environmental energy solutions is paramount. The campaign that we developed for ScottishPower, to launch its new green energy solutions for business, aimed to support this need with sustainable EV, solar and heat products.

  • Campaign
  • Strategy
  • Design

The challenge

Through the green energy solutions ScottishPower offers, businesses and landowners can generate revenue, reduce their exposure to fluctuating energy prices and lower their carbon emissions.

The campaign that we developed aimed to build awareness of the ScottishPower green business offering to businesses with the potential for change.

SP Chal

The ambition of the campaign was to raise awareness of the product range (public electric vehicle charging, business electric vehicle charging, solar and green heat solutions) to a business customer base and to:

  • Demonstrate ScottishPower’s knowledge and experience in the smart solutions sector.
  • Educate business owners of the revenue and environmental potential of green energy products.
  • Generate high-quality sales leads (important but secondary to raising the overall profile of the product).

Success would be measured by the following KPIs:

  • Increase quarterly business awareness metrics.
  • Social, digital and email marketing engagement.
  • Website engagement and sales leads.
SP Obj 1
SP Obj 2
SP Obj 3

Consumer research

Our consumer research revealed some key emotional motivations of our target business audiences and helped to establish a common ground amongst business owners.

  1. A desire to change but uncertainty about how to move forward.
  2. A concern about making the right investment and to optimise that investment.
SP Costumer Research
The results of this campaign have shown how a strong creative approach, supported by sound planning and insight really make a difference. 
We’ve educated and empowered businesses to take advantage of revenue opportunities and enhance their green credentials, and we’ve set the stage 
for future growth, establishing ScottishPower as a driving force for the future of green business solutions.
Senior Marketing Manager Fiona Gaddi

Thought leadership

To reassure businesses that ScottishPower could help them take the right steps to make the most of their investment, the energy supplier worked alongside the Carbon Trust to create a practical green energy solutions guide for business owners.

We build a dedicated website to act as a hub for the guide and associated product information, creating an opportunity for lead generation and a springboard for communications.

SP Leader

Campaign approach

Creatively, the campaign was built around the central theme of ‘Work Smarter. Not Harder’ with individual variations for each product (solar, heat and EV).

A ‘test and learn’ strategy across display advertising, email and paid social allowed for the development of initial product-sets of messaging with follow-up content served to users to match the product interests they’d shown.

Targeted trade press coverage, blog content, PPC, press advertising and direct mail helped to widen reach and fulfil key objectives.

SP Camp App 1
SP Camp App 2
SP Camp App 3
SP Camp App 4


Here’s how the results tracked against each of the campaign KPIs:

10 %

Increase in brand awareness

4.1 M

Display impressions (vs target of 3.7M)

97.4 K

PPC impressions (vs target 20k)


Press coverage (vs target 15)

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