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One agency, many starring roles

What is it that we do? We’re probably best known for being a leading digital and web partner, but supporting the technology lies creative and strategic expertise established over our 50-year industry reign. Ready to get behind the scenes?

We do a lot of stuff. Mostly in the areas of creative design, marketing strategy and digital technology. But we tend not to list our services in isolation as our approach is always to start with our client’s business challenge and work our solutions to fit around that. What’s important to us is the value that we can add for our clients, so let’s start there.

Perfectly targeted marketing

Want to get more out of your budget, increase results, attract the right attention, save time and effort, and enjoy the process of marketing? It all starts with getting the right foundations in place. And that’s where our strategic planning team come in. Using market-leading research and planning techniques, tools and expertise we provide:

Customer insights

Who and where are your customers, how do they think, what are their problems, how does our product/service help them?

Market research

Industry trends, gaps and opportunities, public perceptions, statistics and data.

Channel recommendations

Where best to target your messaging to land with the right groups of people.

Customer experience journey

Using behavioural analysis to combine marketing channels, messaging and engagement activity at each stage of the customer experience to achieve best results.

It’s impossible to create a Hollywood blockbuster without a winning script. So, when it comes to marketing, we help our clients get their story straight before they start casting the production.

Intelligent creative 

Excellent creative goes beyond looking good. Impressive visual execution is lovely to admire on screen and off, but it can miss the mark if the concept is irrelevant. At LEWIS we employ a thorough design process to ensure our clients’ objectives and problems are well framed, consumers are understood, and our execution matches the needs of the target audience and resonates with them perfectly.

When the brief isn’t obvious, we love to take our clients on a workshop-based journey to help them understand what they want to achieve before embarking on their scene-stealing project.

Thorough understanding of consumer and client needs means our creative team can not only devise the best-looking solution but, most importantly, a memorable one that is tailored and optimised for the right channel, while ensuring a consistent brand journey.

It’s a “walk to run” or "80/20" method, with execution and visuals coming into focus further down the line. To some it might seem unusual, however this method has long been proven to deliver the best ROI because it creates tailored, specific and enjoyable experiences. And, of course, when the design strategy is nailed down, our team of talented designers get to work on refining the creative to fit the purpose of each channel, whether it’s social, email, digital or print advertising, web, internal comms, events, video, radio, TV or any number of other requirements.

Robust web solutions

A website is, for many businesses, their ultimate stage. So, our technical development process is built around providing our clients with resilience and flexibility; a reliable platform that allows their business to shine. We consider all aspects of the customer journey (CX) and user experience (UX) in our planning approach, which means that the websites we build cater to the exact needs of the people that it’s designed for.

In today’s world, cyber security is more important than ever, so our proposals come hand-in-hand with secure hosting, testing, maintenance and infrastructure recommendations, designed to keep online assets and data safe.

We judge our success on the improvements we make to our client’s everyday lives as well as their business objectives. We’ve learned, over the years, that our ability to play a variety of roles as a strategic marketing partner is what makes us a vital part of our client’s long-term story.

But what makes the biggest difference is the way that we weave each of them together into a seamless performance that lives up to critical acclaim!

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LEWIS is a highly regarded, experienced digital marketing business. It focuses on digital marketing and delivery, including design, strategic planning services, build of online tools and websites, security, hosting and data, and the production of multichannel campaigns.

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