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As good as Umbraco Gold

As Umbraco Gold partners, naturally we’re big fans of what we find to be the best Content Management System (CMS) in terms of flexibility, usability and security. But what real benefits does Umbraco bring for our technical and creative teams, and our clients?

Umbraco bills itself as “The CMS that fits you. Not the other way around”. And we’re sold on that. There are many great Content Management Systems on the market but none, as far as we’re concerned, offer quite the same levels of potential as Umbraco. Designers, developers, web editors and even finance directors love it! Here are some of the reasons why:

It's made of sturdy stuff

Umbraco is built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET, meaning it’s mainstream software and represents the latest in web development technology. Many of our clients, especially those in regulated industries, are required to adopt robust and secure technologies and, for that, Umbraco is a perfect fit. Umbraco has been the CMS of choice for many of our most high-profile clients, and it has also been used to build websites for national brands like Village Hotels and ASDA

It's led by design

As a creative agency, with design and user experience at our core, we are forever grateful for the approach offered by the Umbraco system. Flexible building blocks allow developers to generate truly customisable solutions – which basically means that there are virtually no limits when it comes to design of the front-end experience. Other systems rely on templates, which can compromise the design and brand effectiveness of web builds, but not so in the case of Umbraco. 

It gets on well with others

Often, the trickiest part of the scope of a website build is figuring out how (and if) it will integrate well with other 3rd party systems (for example, booking engines, email marketing tools, recruitment systems, lead generation plug-ins and external databases). Umbraco is well known for its strength in offering simple solutions for integration, meaning it’s one of the most customisable systems around, making it possible to build seamless and beautiful looking transitions between multiple different systems.

It makes life easier for editors

Content editors are the ones that keep the website alive long after launch day, so we’re passionate about making the CMS editing experience just as enjoyable as the website user experience. Umbraco’s back-end CMS is very attractive, intuitive and requires no real technical experience or coding expertise. Features like pre-scheduled content updates, auto-cropping of images and reusable content blocks make updating the site a joy. And, it’s also great from a security perspective with the ability to add very granular access permissions, simple approval workflows and full audit trail and version rollback options.

It’s free

Yes, really! Whilst there are costs associated with the actual build, customisation and maintenance of an Umbraco website, unlike many other well-known CMS systems, there are no ongoing subscription fees. We believe in offering our clients the best value for their budget and with Umbraco, we find that we can deliver best-in-class web development with the opportunity to spend budget where it makes the most impact.

We could talk about Umbraco all day long so, if that's your thing, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to set up a demo so that you can witness the magic in action!

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